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What does Timothy
Fraternity mean?

In the Bible the Apostle Paul had many young men that he spent many years mentoring. One of these young men was Timothy who Paul loved like a brother (1Tim 1:2) and spent much time training. Paul wrote to Timothy a letter in which he told this young leader to "What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." (2Tim. 2:2)
There are three things that we take from thin model and apply to our own, modern day program of mentoring young adults.
1. Invest in the lives of others so they grow in their relationship with God and understanding of His word for today.
2. Train leaders who do not just know how to lead, but are capable of being real leaders.
3. The leader will be involved in passing along to other faithful men and women what they have been taught themselves, just as Timothy did in the church in Ephesus.
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Why is Mentoring Good for Young Adults Today?

   There are a lot of young people who realize that school did not prepare them as well as they might have needed to face the realities of life. Being a young man or young woman has it's challenges in this world today.
      We all have people who speak into our lives, friends, parents and even co-workers about important parts of our lives, like relationships, being a leader and taking responsibility. The issue is, do they have good input that can help you grow, develop and succeeded as a young adult in these important areas? 
      Mentoring is another word for "Coaching," or "Discipleship" and really means having someone on your side who will train you, prepare you and guide you in making these important life decisions for yourself. However, mentoring also conveys the idea of being in a one-to-one, life-on-life relationship with another man or woman (depending on your gender) who will invest in you.

5 Awesome Benefits to Being Mentored in the
Timothy Fraternity.

1) You will grow in your relationships that matter - God, Family and Friends.
2) You will learn how to become a leader, who can lead in his church, family and workplace.
3) You will learn life skills needed to succeeded as a young adult.
4) You will have a personal mentor who will be there as you journey through the process.
5) The Program is FREE! The only cost to you will be your time, energy and maybe the cost of a cup of coffee.

Getting Started.

The First step in joining the mentoring program is to complete a Registration Form.
Then we will contact you about the two options you have to get started with your Mentor / Coach. One option is a 10 week study using an App on your phone and the other option is a 13 week study using a book. Both have daily homework that is easy for beginners. Either will lead you to the next step in your journey. We look forward to hearing from you soon.