Summit Point Church

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Night To Shine- Friday, February 9th 2017 - 6PM-9PM
Arrowhead Stadium

VIP Guest

This event is all about our special guest, You! Let us tell you a little bit about this Night to Shine.
  • When you arrive you will receive the royal treatment. . . Girls can have their hair done and make-up touched up. Guys can have their dress shoes polished.
  • Then you can take a Limo ride around the block.
  • You will walk the red carpet into the ballroom where you can dance and enjoy the food.
  • Don't forget to get your picture taken while you are here, after all there are a lot of friendly paparazzi looking to snap a picture of the VIPs.
  • During the dance we will watch a special video from Tim Tebow, our sponsor for the event.
  • Parent and Caregivers are special people as well, so we have a Respite Room so you can relax while one of our buddies helps your VIP have a great time.
Sound like fun? First, click the link to get your free Guest tickets, this lets us know you are attending. Second simply complete the Guest Registration paperwork and send it back to us. For Questions please feel free to contact us at
1 Arrowhead Dr, Kansas City, MO 64129


If you would like to volunteer for this amazing event please go to our volunteer website where you can sign-up for the team you would like to be on.
Please note that all volunteers must pass a background check.This information is confidential and no one at Blue Summit Baptist Church has access to your personal information or SSN.