Summit Point Church

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Our church is committed to the task of Going or being "Missional." Jesus sent His disciples on a mission. The missional church defines itself in terms of its mission—being sent ones who take the gospel to and incarnate the gospel within a specific culture.
This means that we are gospel centered people living out Jesus in our everyday life, at home, work and in our community.
Mission Expert and author Ed Stetzer wrote in his book "Missional Manifesto:"
"Properly understanding the meaning of missional begins with recognizing God's missionary nature. The Father is the source of mission, the Son is the embodiment of that mission, and mission is done in the power of the Spirit. By nature, God is the "sending one" who initiates the redemption of His whole creation. Jesus consistently spoke of Himself as being "sent" in John's gospel and subsequently commissioned His disciples for this same purpose (John 17:3, 8, 18, 21, 23, 25). As the "sent" people of God, the church is the instrument of His mission (John 20:21).
You can see that this becomes not a program, but rather a way of life. Eric Mason adds this to the conversation; "We want to develop disciples that are able to minister in the culture and help new disciples to grow in God's word in every area of their lives and shining the truth of the person of Jesus Christ to the glory of the Triune God."
Summit Point Church is proud to say that we are Southern Baptist, because we have the great opportunity to combine our ministry efforts to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ here in Kansas City, throughout North America and to all of the nations of the world.
Please find here links to our mission boards and organization through which we partner to advance the Gospel.

Check out our mission work in the videos below and how our partnership shares the gospel around the world.